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Benderson Family Building

Benderson Family Building
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Friday, Oct 30th

Benderson Family Building

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You will start your fitness journey at the J with a complimentary 3-session package at JCC University that will help you create a personalized fitness plan to help you reach your goals.



The Fit3d captures 1000’s of your measurements as you spin around on a turntable in about 45 seconds. These images are put together to create a 3D image of your body. When you join the JCC, you will receive two more scans during the year to show your progress to date.



In the first part of this session you will learn which cardio machines will be best for you and show you how to safely use them. The second half of the session will be a demonstration of how and which machines are best for you to focus on while in the Hoist weight machine area..



This is a session where you meet with a trainer who will give you the basics on any moves or exercises in helping you reach your goals. In this abbreviated session, a trainer will discuss with you the importance of exercise, frequency and positive results of personal training.

Need a jump start? Have new fitness goals? No problem! Current JCC members can go through JCC University again.

This non-contact boxing fitness curriculum consists of balance training, agility work, hand eye coordination drills, strength training and endurance work. Exercises vary in purpose and form but share the common traits of being rigorous and intended to extend the capability of the participant. Assessment required

Classes run 1:15 – 2:45pm
Mon/Wed:     Levels 3 & 4    
Tues/Thurs: Levels 1 & 2    

Fee: $320.00 for 8 week session (2 classes per week)
Assessment fee of $50.

Getting Started is Easy!
For more information or to register and schedule an assessment, call Hollis Habermehl 204-2070..

Assessments take between 1- 2 hours to complete. Once completed, you will be assigned to the appropriate level class.


We offer our members and guest a variety of massage services to ease those muscles from your workout. Massages make great gifts! Available at either location.

Pilates & Yoga

The JCC offers group fitness and private classes that help relax your mind while conditioning your body.

Physical Therapy

Adam Field, our on-site PT applies a whole-body approach to treatment of chronic pain and injury. Utilizing hands-on techniques including Myofascial Release, Craniosacral Therapy and Joint Mobilization, clients experience freedom of movement, reduced pain and improved function.

Please contact him directly for your personalized evaluation by calling 716-982-8200.

National Diabetes Prevention Program

Designed for those diagnosed with prediabetes or those at risk to help learn about healthy lifestyle changes to help reduce their odds of getting diabetes. The first half of the program focusses on diet, exercise and behavior modification, followed by bi-weekly and monthly meetings that help support you, offer strategies for staying on goal and maintenance tips. In order to qualify for this program, participants must be at high risk for developing diabetes.

Call for dates and times: 716-204-2070.