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Agreement for the use of wireless internet access at the Jewish Community Center of Greater Buffalo

The Jewish Community Center of Greater Buffalo (JCC) offers on its premises wireless internet access (Wi-Fi) at no charge for members and guests with portable computers or devices capable of receiving wireless signals.

JCC members and guests are expected to use this Wi-Fi service in a legal and responsible manner. By using Wi-Fi service at the JCC, members and guests acknowledge that he or she is subject to, and agrees to abide by all laws, all rules and all regulations of the State of New York, and the federal government that are applicable to Wi-Fi and Internet usage.

Members and guests agree to refrain from inappropriate and unacceptable activity while using JCC Wi-Fi service. Examples of inappropriate and unacceptable use of Wi-Fi service include, but are not limited to:
Activities or transmissions of materials that violate Federal, State or local laws (e.g., fraudulent acts, copyright infringement, and threats or acts of intimidation or harassment against another person). Using the JCC Wi-Fi for commercial purposes or personal gain. Downloading data from the Internet exceeding 1.5 megabits/second of network bandwidth utilization and/or more than two gigabytes of data per day. Misrepresenting oneself as another user. Attempting to circumvent security software or other security measures placed on JCC network systems. Damaging or tampering with JCC computer equipment, software or settings. Maliciously accessing, altering, deleting, damaging or destroying any JCC computer system, network, programs or data. Disrupting or attempting to disrupt network traffic or attempting to overload or crash the JCC network and its attached systems. Attempting to monitor, capture or otherwise intercept JCC network traffic. Engaging in spam activities (i.e., sending unsolicited electronic communications to large groups of individuals at the same time) The viewing of inappropriate websites that are in conflict with the values and mission of the JCC. Use of JCC Wi-Fi services to send hate mail, malicious statements or images intended to injure or humiliate others, threats, personal attacks on others or statements expressing animus towards any person or group by reason of race, color, religion, national origin, gender, sexual orientation or disability is strictly prohibited.

Virus, security and privacy protection is the responsibility of JCC members and guests using JCC Wi-Fi services. Credit Card information, passwords, or any other personal information should not be transmitted using JCC Wi-Fi services as this is not a secure service.

The JCC is not responsible for any loss of data, theft or damage to personal equipment or software when using JCC Wi-Fi Services nor can the JCC guaranty that a Wi-Fi connection to the internet can be made or maintained.

JCC staff cannot provide technical assistance to members and guests using JCC Wi-Fi Services and the JCC reserves the right to terminate a wireless internet connection if deemed necessary.