Due to the COVID-19 the JCC has gone virtual! (read update)

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Benderson Family Building

Benderson Family Building
2640 N. Forest Road
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Wed, Jun 3rd

Benderson Family Building

Holland Family Building
787 Delaware Avenue
Buffalo, NY 14209
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Wed, Jun 3rd

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Benderson Family Building716-688-4033
2640 N. Forest RoadAmherst,NY14068
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Holland Family Building716-886-3145
787 Delaware AvenueBuffalo,NY14209
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Buffalo Hours: Wed, Jun 3rd
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Dear Fellow JCC Members,

A great deal has happened in the two weeks since I last wrote to you:

  • Our closure has been extended to at least May 15th by Governor Cuomo.
  • We have been approved for financial assistance through the Federal Government’s Small Business Administration Payroll Protection loan program. This will allow us to juggle prudent and necessary financial management with the long and short term interests of all of our valued staff. JCC staff who have requested it have been given gift certificates which can be used for groceries, at the pharmacy, or for other purposes to tide them over until weekly checks began to arrive. As of this Monday, all staff members will be receiving full pay and benefits.
  • Online Fitness classes have been increased to more than 24 each week.
  • Facebook pages are being filled with Cultural Arts offerings and blogs.
  • Early Childhood Education programs have engaged families with Facebook connections, drive-by birthday celebrations, telephone calls, and more.
  • School-aged children have been engaged with virtual sessions with their friends and counselors.
  • Classrooms, lobbies, and program areas have been painted, made spotless, floors are waxed and the Holland Family Building pool has been drained and maintenance that usually happens in summer has been accomplished.
  • Staff members have been very busy developing plans for what is likely to be our new normal. Social distancing policies are being developed. Class size considerations are being finalized. Compliance with CDC and other agency guidelines are being integrated into all of our programs.

We are extremely grateful to the roughly 92% of members who have allowed us to continue to draft monthly membership fees from their accounts. Despite having been given the option of suspending membership, the vast majority of members have acted as members rather than customers. This generosity will help to ensure that we reopen in a fashion to which our members have become accustomed. Please know that we will never take your membership for granted. You will soon be receiving a gift certificate intended for use towards certain JCC programs if you are among the vast majority of members who continue to help. In the coming weeks, members of our staff will be reaching out by phone to each of you, in order to keep us connected and to provide information related to available resources for those needing assistance.

Please stay safe and healthy. Visit our website at jccbuffalo.org, look at our Facebook pages by searching for JCC Buffalo and join in some of our offerings.

With all best wishes and gratitude,

Rick Zakalik
Executive Director