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Benderson Family Building

Benderson Family Building
2640 N. Forest Road
Amherst, NY 14068
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Sat, Jan 16th

Benderson Family Building

Holland Family Building
787 Delaware Avenue
Buffalo, NY 14209
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Sat, Jan 16th

We're currently closed.8:00 am - 3:00 pm
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We're currently closed.8:00 am - 2:30 pm

Dungeons & Dragons

This class is a virtual weekly game of Dungeons & Dragons for children ages 5-12. Participants will be learning the very basics of how to create characters, how to DM/ GM(Running a game as the storyteller), and delving into a campaign for the participants to fight monsters and save the world. Price includes a set of D&D dice for each participant.

Learn to Draw

This class is a virtual Introduction to Drawing class for children ages 6-12. This class is for any child that has an interest in drawing and wants to learn some helpful hints and techniques. Each class will have a specific topic; perspective, tricks for drawing faces and lines: how to use them. Price includes a set of drawing pencils and art pad for each participant.

Kids Baking Class

This class is a virtual Learn to Bake class for children ages 5-11. The goal of this class is for students to build a foundation of baking skills or expand on current skills. We will be exploring various pastry recipes and talking about a lot of baking concepts. And there will be something tasty! Kids will be encouraged to try new things to expand their palate. Price includes many of the needed ingredients, however, families will need to purchase or have on hand a few additional items, plus use all their own basic cookware. Children 7 and under MUST have a parent participate for safety reasons.

Learn to Paint

This class is a virtual Learn to Paint class for children ages 5-11. Participants will learn to paint using techniques from famous painters such as Van Goh and Georgia O’Keefe. Price includes all the paints, brushes, and paper that is needed to participate.

Learn American Sign Language

This class is a virtual intro course to American Sign Language (ASL) for children ages 4-10. Participants will learn a Brief History of Deaf Culture, Alphabet, basic numbers, and ‘First 100’ signs.

Makeup Basics

This class is a virtual Makeup Basics class for teens/tweens ages 11-16. Topics will include caring for your makeup tools, foundation/concealer & color correcting, eye & brow makeup, blush, & contouring. Price includes a set of makeup brushes and a few basic makeup staples. Participants will need to use some of their own makeup as well to participate.

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