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Movement and Playmaking | Age: 5-7

Through acting games, teamwork, and movement exercises, students will learn to use their imaginations to build their own stories through movement and sound.
Fridays | 3:30–4:15 pm | Holland

Musical Theater Fun! | Age: 5-7

Explore how to tell a story through music, simple choreography, and engaging acting exercises. A perfect class for kids with a love of music, movies, and theater!
Wednesdays | 3:30–4:15 pm | Benderson

Acting for Young Performers | Age: 8-12

Through theatre games, vocal and physical warm-ups, group rehearsal, and performance, students will build the knowledge necessary to step into their next character’s shoes.
Fridays | 4:30–5:15 pm | Holland

Intro to Building a Character | Age: 8-12

Learn how to tell a story through the eyes of a character; explore and develop ways to create and become different characters through movement, voice, and beginner acting techniques. 
Wednesdays | 4:30–5:15 pm | Benderson

Seniors: Let’s Act Up! | Age: 50+

Learn how an actor prepares for a role through scene study, monologues, discussion, and improvisation. Whether you’re new to acting or want to rediscover your love for it, this class is for you!
Wednesdays | 12:00–1:00 pm | Benderson