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2640 N. Forest RoadAmherst,NY14068
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Holland Family Building716-886-3145
787 Delaware AveBuffalo,NY14209
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Amherst Hours: Sat, Apr 20th
Closed for Season
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Buffalo Hours: Sat, Apr 20th

Closed for Passover

Closed for Passover

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  1. Parents must remain in the JCC building.
  2. Reservations are required at least 24 hours in advance with the babysitter or with a Member Services Representative.
  3. To maintain a healthy environment, sick children will not be allowed in the Babysitting Room. Please do not bring a child who has a cold, is contagious, or is not feeling well.
  4. Please label all items that you send with your child/ren.
  5. Diapers will NOT be changed by the babysitter.
  6. Snacks are not provided. If brought from home, the babysitter will decide if snacks are safe and appropriate.
  7. The maximum time your child/ren may be left in the Babysitting Room is two (2) hours, if under six (6) months it is one and one half (1.5) hours.

These policies will help insure the safety and welfare of your children.

For more information:
Sam Seiler (Amherst): 204-2254
Bob Lajeunesse (Buffalo): 886-3172 x402