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Benderson Family Building

Benderson Family Building
2640 N. Forest Road
Amherst, NY 14068
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Fri, May 7th

Benderson Family Building

Holland Family Building
787 Delaware Avenue
Buffalo, NY 14209
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Fri, May 7th

We're currently closed.5:30 am - 8:00 pm
indoor pool:
We're currently closed.5:40 am - 7:40 pm
Can Children Use the Wellness, Fitness & Sports Facility?

We offer supervised classes for our youth population in our Wellness, Fitness & Sports department. All youngsters 14 years and older may use the health club on their own. Youngsters under age 14 may participate in specialized fitness classes. 10 -13 year olds can join us for TUF-TEENS UNDERSTANDING FITNESS. This one time, two hour class demonstrates proper technique and proper procedures for using the JCC’s cardio and fitness equipment. Once class is completed, kids receive a TUF teens wristband to signify they have passed the course and can use the cardio equipment. Children 10 years and older may use the pool and gymnasium unaccompanied by an adult.

How Do I Know if the JCC is Closed or Closing Early Due to Inclement Weather?
In the event of inclement weather, please visit our website at www.jccbuffalo.org,  view our facebook or twitter pages or watch for an email. Please help us bring you the most up to date information by making sure your email is correct in our system. Plus you can find out about new classes, last minute changes and exciting happenings around the “J” when you like us on facebook.
What Are My Membership Dues Used Toward?

Your membership dues support the operating budget of the JCC. Each month, the JCC pays a substantial amount in credit card processing fees. Help us by paying directly through your bank. The process is simple and convenient. Click this link to download the form to begin the process.

Will Other JCCs Honor My Membership?
If you travel outside the Buffalo area, many JCCs will honor your valid JCC membership. Please check with the JCC you would like to visit to inquire about their reciprocity policy. We extend the same courtesy to our out-of-town guests.
Is Membership valid at both facilities?
Absolutely! Many members who live in the suburbs and work in the city utilize both facilities.
Is the entire facility available to me as a member?
Full members enjoy full access to our fitness centers and pools. Gym Membership give access to just our Fitness Centers. Access to some areas may be restricted to participants such as our Early Childhood Centers. One-on-one instruction or services, such as personal training or massage therapy, are available for an additional fee. Camp, Early Childhood Education programs and after school care also have additional charges that vary.
Must we be Members to enroll in Preschool or Camp or Afterschool Care?
It isn’t required but we strongly encourage it for a few reasons. First, we discount the rates charged for these programs to members. Second, the JCC is owned by its members and a family atmosphere is encouraged. We think it’s great when a parent has time for an after or before work workout. Cultural Arts programming , special events, meals at our wonderful Myers Family Tel Aviv Café, a swim in our pools and dozens of other programs enrich the experience of families in our youth programs.
What if I can’t afford the full membership charges?

Since our inception more than 66 years ago the JCC has provided financial assistance to deserving individuals and families. An anonymous financial aid committee reviews tax documents and other evidence of need and offers assistance to the extent possible. Just ask for an application for assistance at the time you apply for membership. Please click here to obtain a Financial Aid Form. For questions, call 716-688-4114 x306.

Tell me about your Access Control System?

The access card may be thought of as an electronic “key”, that is used by persons to gain access through the doors. Each access card is uniquely encoded. To enter the building, the user simply scans his/her card across the reader, allowing the card to be “read”. The card’s identity will be verified electronically and the door will unlock immediately. We have video cameras at the entrance to both JCC locations so that we can keep an eye on the gated entry areas and is integrated with the gate intercom system and allow the Member Services Staff to view who is at the door seeking permission to enter. To call the elevator to the lobby, scan your JCC card and push the button for your desired floor. Once the elevator has responded to the lobby, the person may enter and travel to any floor served by the elevator.

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