Jewish Repertory Theatre also used its mission statement as a starting point\.

“We wanted plays that capture Jewish stories, themes and ideas,” she said, adding they also were looking for material with smaller casts to maintain safety protocols and shorter running times for people watching at home.

The result is a series of five staged readings that were originally going to be filmed with scripts in hand, as they are presented in live theater, but the process evolved.

“It grew and developed and started to fill in. It became a hybrid – something between a staged reading and a full production,” Halpern said. “The two actors move and use props. The floor is painted black to create a black box in tandem with the background lending the production “beautiful, dramatic lighting opportunities with the focus on the actors,” Halpern said.

Part of the national Jewish Community Center network, the local chapter is hearing from other locations that were not able to open programs. “They are sending their members our way who are now subscribing to us,” Halpern said, adding it is giving the playwrights, actors and Buffalo chapter national attention.

The first reading is “Bar Mitzvah Boy” from Nov. 5 to 25. Tickets are $80 for five plays; $20 individual. Visit

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