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Dan framing a shot out at Camp Centerland

Hi! I’m Dan Kaganovich, from Rochester, NY, and a rising senior at the University at Buffalo studying communication. I found this internship at the JCC of Buffalo through an internship program at the Hillel on my campus. My experience, so far, has been nothing but positive. I have gained many new skills and tons of experience in the communications field. Some skills I have acquired and improved upon include: Canva, photography, script writing, video production/direction, map making, sign making, and social media marketing.

Dan wearing some new JCC Buffalo apparel

During the past several weeks, I have worked on many projects. My favorites include making commercials for the pickleball courts and Snack Shack, being a model for the JCC Buffalomarketplace, making event maps for the Creekside concert, and taking photos of the performers at the Creekside concert. Getting to work on the commercials for the pickleball courts and the Snack Shack was a very valuable experience for me. In the future, I hope to work in advertising through commercial production, including directing and scriptwriting. Getting to work on those two projects shed a little insight into what steps are needed to make a commercial which I find very useful for my future career.

Over the course of this internship, my favorite memory would definitely be the Creekside Concert. Working in various positions for an event was exciting and fun. I really enjoyed taking photos and capturing the energy of the event, and hope to work on more events in the future.

This internship has taught me so many new things about what it’s like to work in a professional environment. I thought that it would be this cutthroat and robotic office where you were expected to be perfect but quickly realized that was not the case. I was not expecting to form friendships with my co-workers and share as many laughs as we did. Seeing that a work environment can be productive and fun sets my future standards for what kind of workplace I want to be in.

Dan admires a performance by Noga Erez