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Let us help make your Hanukkah brighter! This season the JCC staff has come together to share activities, recipes, and more. Click on an 8-minute fitness video and train like a Maccabee warrior with JCC fitness staff. Grab a sweet treat and settle in for a Hanukkah story read by Early Childhood teachers. Light your Menorah with children from Kids’ Place and Early Childhood Center. View community members’ Hanukiahs (Hanukah menorahs) and shared memories in the virtual photo gallery. “Lighten” your mood in the Ha-Ha- Hanukkah section. Find a new recipe, sing-a-long to a Hanukkah song, or try an activity all at your convenience. We wish you and your loved ones a Happy and Healthy Hanukkah Season!

Hanukkah Stories

Click on each day and listen as JCC teachers in the Early Childhood department share some of their favorite Hanukkah books with you and your family. We hope you find a new favorite to add to your collection of Hanukkah stories.

Bonus Greeting and Story from The Mensch on a Bench

8-Minute Workout Videos

Burn and Earn – Train like a Maccabee Warrior

Go ahead! Enjoy those Hanukkah Treats. You will need to burn approximately 140 calories for a sufganiyot or 100 calories for a latke.
Click on each day for a different 8-minute workout with JCC Fitness staff to help your Holiday eating be guilt-free! Do one a day or double up, it’s up to you!
Have fun.

Menorah Candle Lightings

Though we can’t light the Menorah together this year, join our JCC staff as they say the blessings each night. Happy Hanukkah.

Hanukiahs – Virtual Art Gallery

Many thanks to Sharon F. Cramer, JCC member & Congregation Shir Shalom,  for helping us put this section together.

Making Menorah memories in 2021 offers us ways to remember and transform our holiday habits. A visit to the Jewish Museum gives views of menorahs from around the world.

M: The Maccabees fought and reclaimed the Holy Temple in Jerusalem on Kislev 25, 3622 (139 B.C.E.). Their work was not over when the battle was won – cleaning and repairing was needed before the Temple could be rededicated. E: eight days longer! The oil continued to burn so much longer than the single day the untainted oil found in the Temple was to last. This miracle allowed for a fresh supply of oil to be prepared, which took eight days. N: Nightly, during Hanukkah, we return to the lighting of the menorah candles to celebrate both the victory and the miracle. O: Oil is a reminder of the light within the Temple. It has become central to an exceptional holiday food — latkes. The delicious fried potato pancakes remind us of the miracle of the oil. R: Remembering the miracle connects us with generations of our people, who lit their menorahs with the same prayers we recite today. A: Amazement and pride are part of the public display of enormous menorahs, one of which is the National Menorah in Washington, D.C., on the White House Ellipse. We are free to celebrate our holiday in public ways, not hiding our prayers or our menorahs.  H: Happiness comes to the household, as the candles are lit for the eight days of the holiday.

In 2020, we must find new ways to celebrate Hanukkah. Like the Maccabees, we face the unexpected. They did not know how long the oil would last, each day its own miracle, offering extended time. For us, the length of time required to transform our lives due to Covid is lasting longer than we ever imagined; our lives continue to be constrained. Although we are uncertain about many things, we can still celebrate our Hanukkah holiday each of the eight days. When we savor our latkes, we can revive memories of past meals with family and friends. This year, many will use technology to invite friends and extended family who live far away to share their celebrations, some for the first time. New memories will be created. You may decide to “travel” — by visiting menorahs at the Jewish Museum in New York, and from all around the world.

“Click on “wall text and labels,” scroll down, and view the amazing menorahs and their history!”

Or, stay close to home: see below for fond memories of menorahs, and Hanukkah.

Enjoy your 2021 Hanukkah celebrations.

To read personal stories for the gallery menorahs, click here.


You have probably heard the saying, “Laughter is the best medicine.” Typically the Holiday Season can be stressful enough, add on the pandemic and many of us are feeling overworked, over-tiered, anxious and more. Let us “Lighten” your mood in the Ha-Ha- Hanukkah section. Don’t forget laughter is contagious, this is something we want to share with others so find your favorite joke and pass it along to friends and family!

Recipes, Music & More

Cook along with Nechama Okonov, owner of Buffalo Kosher Gourmet, through a virtual cooking demo of holiday favorites. Try the posted recipes or place an order to pick-up delicious treats from the Myers Family Tel Aviv Café www.bkgourmet.com.
Sing a Hanukkah song with Zack Steinberg, JCC Staffer.
Looking for a fun activity to do with your children? Follow the Recycled Menorah Tutorial made by the Benderson Family Building Kids Place department.
In the box below, find additional links to make your Hanukkah more fun!

Recycled Menorah Tutorial

Supplied Needed:
• 8 toilet paper rolls        • 1 paper towel roll
• paint        • paintbrush
• glue        • tissue paper

Virtual Hanukkah Events