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Benderson Family Building
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Benderson Family Building

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In Hebrew, Chai means life, and at Camp Centerland we believe that camp is one of the most sacred experiences a young child can have. Children experience free expression of who they are and explore ways to develop and grow. As Camp Centerland itself continues to grow, we look to help more and more campers each year. We know camp changed our life, and our goal is to pass that along to all of our campers.

Our first annual Fly Chai fundraiser — held on Aug. 16, 2019 — will help develop the camp property by adding new features to the campus and supporting our Campership fund. This allows us to support children who cannot afford camp but could greatly benefit from the experiences it provides; in 2019, Camp Centerland is giving out over $20,000 in fee assistance.

Thank you for your support of Camp Centerland and best of luck!


  • Date: Aug. 16, 2019 (Weather may change the date. If so, all participants will be notified by email of the new date.)
  • Cost: $18 per ball (The number 18 is symbolic of Chai in Judaism, and that’s why we’ll be selling up to 1,000 golf balls for $18.)
  • Prize: $1,800 – See prize distribution in rules/information section
  • Golf balls can be purchased at either JCC location or by clicking the button below.

Rules/Information (must be printed on the receipts when purchasing golf balls):

  • The 2019 Fly Chai Golf Ball Drop will be supervised by a committee of Jewish Community Center of Greater Buffalo staff and volunteers. This group, along with direct family members, are not permitted to purchase golf balls.
  • Michael Garcia, the Camp Centerland Director, will serve as lead judge for this event. Two additional judges will be appointed by Aug. 10.
  • No more than 1,000 golf balls will be available, and all sales are final. The last day to purchase a ball will be Aug. 15 at 12 p.m.
  • Golf balls will be marked randomly between 0001 and 1,000 and dropped from a height between 60 and 100 feet. Mercy Flight has agreed to drop the golf balls, but will not be held responsible for rotor wash and other external factors. While the grass will be kept short and clear of visible items, and the 150-foot drop area — with a 4 ¼-inch-wide hole in the circle’s center —  is considered flat, the ground by nature is slightly uneven due to bumps and small ridges.
  • A prize of $1,800 will be awarded to the person whose golf ball lands in the hole. Should no ball enter it, the person who lands closest to the center of the hole will win. If there is a distance tie or more than one ball lands in the hole, then the prize will be split between all winners.
  • If you purchased a ball, please contact  to confirm your attendance. Winners don’t need to be present to win.
  • The scheduled date of Aug. 16 will only be changed if the helicopter cannot fly due to weather or needs to respond to an emergency. If the drop cannot happen, an alternative date will be provided.
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