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Kid’s Fitness Class Descriptions


Grades: K-6
Martial Arts have been proven to help teach discipline, control, socialization skills, and more, and the arts of Hapkido and Taekwondo blend together for a great outlet for children looking to improve focus and physical fitness. These ancient mind/body arts will help in all areas of life as well as teach many beneficial ways to handle stress and conflict in a positive manner all while having fun! Please contact Jeff Thomas by email/phone with any questions about the level placement.  716-335-1991

Spark Fitness- Beginner & Intermediate

Ages: 5-12
Sparks Fitness is an Elementary School level physical education curriculum filled with games are designed to keep kids active with a variety of fitness exercises and cooperative gameplay designed to introduce teamwork and sportsmanship.


Ages: 10-13
Kids learn how to use the JCC fitness equipment. This one-time, two-hour class demonstrates proper technique for the cardio equipment and bodyweight exercises, with a strong focus on core strength, balance, and coordination. Once the class is completed, kids receive a TUF teens wristband to signify they have passed the course and can use the cardio equipment.  Make reservations with Todd Schifferle: