We are awaiting permission to reopen the JCC to our Fitness members. Please make your reservations on the “My J” app for the outdoor pool and outdoor classes. Read more about our reopening plans here.

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Benderson Family Building

Benderson Family Building
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Benderson Family Building

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Wed, Aug 5th

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Benderson Family Building716-688-4033
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Holland Family Building716-886-3145
787 Delaware AvenueBuffalo,NY14209
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Buffalo Hours: Wed, Aug 5th
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Dear Members;

Last evening I watched a PBS documentary about the Polio epidemic. I have been reading about the SARS epidemic, the Swine Flu epidemic and other periods of great difficulty for the world and the United States. While the current one doesn’t pale in relation to those that preceded it, they do provide perspective. We will survive this one as a strong nation.

The same will be true of the JCC. Our outstanding staff members have been very busy creating videos for our Early Childhood Education participants, fitness enthusiasts, Cultural Arts aficionados, Kids’ Place After-School participants and more. Interactive Silver Sneakers classes, links to music, one-on-one sessions with personal trainers and other creative offerings are keeping us in touch with members. This week we will be reaching out to members who are at home to inquire as to their wellbeing.

Facilities crews have been sprucing up our buildings. Broken floor tiles are being replaced, halls, locker rooms, and classrooms are being painted, equipment is being greased, oiled and repaired and intense sanitization is happening throughout our buildings. Preliminary work is taking place at our Grossman Outdoor Pool Complex. The list goes on and on.
We are immensely grateful to the vast majority of our members who have allowed us to continue to receive monthly dues payments and program fees which are helping us with ongoing expenses and payroll and employment costs related to staff support. We will be providing a letter to these members acknowledging these funds as contributions which may be eligible for a tax deduction. Your JCC will continue to provide health insurance to all staff who were enrolled prior to this event. We will also provide up to six months of free membership to those who can provide evidence of layoff or termination as a result of this nationwide shutdown.

As I have said in prior communications, there is a vast difference between a for-profit, customer-driven enterprise and a not-for-profit, membership facility with a mission to improve the lives of our members and communities with programs and services in concert with Jewish values. Included in those values is the fulfillment of the open tent, offering shelter and a second home to people from many faiths and backgrounds.

We are also very grateful for the checks and other donations which continue to support our staff and our mission. If you are similarly inclined, you may send us a check or go to our Donation Page and donate online through our All-for-One Fund or any other fund of your choosing. Please stay well, observe recommended guidelines and keep the faith. You are sorely missed.

With gratitude and best wishes for a Chag Pesach Sameach or a Happy Easter,

[rick zakalik]

Rick Zakalik