Executive Team

Michael RawlChief Executive Officer(716) 204-2071
Patty SimonsonChief Experience Officer(716) 204-2073
Joe ModicamoreChief Financial Officer(716) 204-2072
Jim MahjoubianChief Communications and Technology Officer(716) 204-2088
James MorganSr. Director Facilities Operations(716) 204-2075
Nathan DohertyExecutive Assistant(716) 688-4114 x366

Benderson Family Building (amherst)

Betsy AbramsonEarly Childhood Director(716) 204-2082
Babysitting(716) 688-4114 x318
Connor BlackFitness Floor Manager(716) 688-4114 x321
Nate CoxAquatics Manager/American Red Cross(716) 204-2085
Fee Assistance(716) 688-4114 x306
Brittany FilipskiHuman Resource Generalist(716) 204-2074
Michael GarciaCamp Centerland Director(716) 204-2078
Debbie GrossEarly Childhood Assistant(716) 204-2083
Hollis Mahaney HabermehlGroup Fitness Manager(716) 204-2070
Whitney HromowykMember Services Representative(716) 204-2077
Sharon KostinerMembership Director(716) 204-2081
Debbie ManzellaAccounts Payable(716) 204-2253
Myers Family Tel Aviv Café(716) 688-4114 x319
Todd SchifferleGeneral Manager, Health Fitness & Recreation(716) 204-2254
Sarah SchuppenhauerGraphic Designer/Digital Marketing Assistant(716) 204-2087
Doris ShearnChildren's/Camping Assistant(716) 204-2079
Nicholas UtzSupervisor of Children’s After School Program
and Leadership Staff for Day Camping Services
(716) 688-4114 x303
Kara WrazenStaff Accountant(716) 688-4114 x323
Katie WzontekCultural Arts Director(716) 204-2084

Holland Family Building (Buffalo)

Kathy D'OstrophGroup Fitness Manager(716) 886-3172 x404
Lisa EdelmanEarly Childhood Assistant(716) 886 -3172 x417
Kathy GoodwinAdult Services Coordinator(716) 886-3172 x407
Bob LajeunesseGeneral Manager, Health Fitness & Recreation(716) 886-3172 x402
Mira LevitanAssistant Director of Early Childhood(716) 886-3172 x460
Personal Training Office(716) 886-3172 x404
Barbara Stone RedenEarly Childhood Director(716) 886-3172 x408
Amanda ReedAquatics Director(716) 886-3172 x411
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