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We close at 3:30 pm on Tuesday, October 4, and remain closed Wednesday, October 5, 2022, for Yom Kippur. Regular hours resume on Thursday, October 6.


Through developmentally appropriate activities, children learn concepts and skills that prepare them for Kindergarten and beyond.

Cognitive Development

  • Emergent literacy & math skills
  • Learning about nature, science & social studies
  • Developing listening skills
  • Reasoning
  • Problem solving
  • Following directions
  • Expressing ideas
  • Learning colors, shapes, letters & numbers

Social Skills

  • Developing a sense of community
  • Resolving conflicts & respecting others
  • Kindness
  • Taking turns
  • Accepting diversity
  • Learning about: myself, my family, and my home, school & neighborhood

Physical Development

  • Gross motor skills through dance, gym, swim, and play
  • Fine motor skills by using puzzles, play dough, blocks, scissors, & art materials


Our Early Childhood Directors would welcome the opportunity to provide an in depth tour and answer all of your questions.

The Benderson Family Building, amherst:

  • NAEYC accredited
  • Infant through pre-K
  • Extraordinary outdoor playground
  • Additional enrichment opportunities offered daily
  • Indoor and outdoor pool (for summer months)

The Holland Family Building, Buffalo:

  • NAEYC accredited
  • Infant through pre-K
  • Fabulous indoor and outdoor playgrounds
  • Additional enrichment opportunities offered daily


Because we are part of the Jewish Community Center, your child can enjoy all the added features that make the JCC a special place. Structured gym and swim classes, sing and dance in our enrichment classes, play at our outdoor and indoor playgrounds, plus field trips and special events


When children walk through our doors, they are greeted with smiles from teachers and friends. Our loving teachers are educated, patient and eager to help each child feel at home. Children receive extra special attention because of our low student to faculty ratio. Most faculty members have been working at the JCC for years. This stability gives parents extra confidence that their children will be more than ready to enter Kindergarten.


  • A place for figuring things out and making friends.
  • A place for warm hugs and smiles.
  • A place for learning.
  • A place where little people and big people come together to celebrate and share traditions from many cultures.
  • A place where children are safe and nurtured and they develop confidence.
  • A place where parents are welcome to participate.
  • A place your child will love.
  • A place you will love.