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Benderson Family Building

Benderson Family Building
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Benderson Family Building

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Private Swim Lessons in Buffalo and Amherst NY

Children can learn how to swim as early as 6 months old. We offer private, semi-private and groups of 2-3 people, 7 days a week. Private swim lessons are the most efficient way to learn how to swim and the least expensive in the long run because we can tailor lessons specifically to your individual needs. Swimming properly and smoothly is one of the healthiest forms of exercise and an important life skill. Individuals with special needs, in post-rehab, or who are fearful of the water are also offered this wonderful opportunity.

For more information:

Todd Schifferle (Amherst), 716-204-2254, send email

Amanda Reed (Buffalo) at 716-886-3172 x411, send email


$30 / 1 session
$184 / 8 sessions
$264 / 12 sessions
$498 / 24 sessions

$30 / 1 session
$240 / 8 sessions

$204 / 12 sessions
$270 / 18 sessions

$180 / 12 sessions
$216 / 18 sessions


$252 / 12 sessions
$378 / 18 sessions


$60 / 1 session
$343 / 8 sessions
$498 / 12 sessions
$972 / 24 sessions

$60 / 1 session
$480 / 8 sessions

$348 / 12 sessions
$486 / 18 sessions 

$312 / 12 sessions
$396 / 18 sessions


$504 / 12 sessions
$756 / 18 sessions

Why Private Swim Lessons?
Private lessons are the most efficient way to learn how to swim. It is also the least expensive way in the long run because skills can be tailored to the individuals’ needs rather than a group of four or more. Learning how to swim properly and smoothly is the route to one of the healthiest forms of exercise for you or your child and it is a skill that is for life!
What is the difference between private lessons and personal training?
Aquatics personal training is geared toward exercise rather than learning how to swim. Specialized equipment, high end calorie and strength are focused on for the athlete looking to cross train. This is great for runners, swimmers and tri-athletes. We have the knowledge and equipment to improve all these aspects by working in the water. This is ideal for those who want to boost their performance both in and out of the water.
What is Aquatic Therapy and Rehab?
Offered only at the Benderson Family Building pool

Aquatic Therapy and Rehab is specialized exercise programming for those who need to rehab after surgery, accident, illness or chronic medical conditions such as back, hip or knee replacements, broken bones, athletic injury or arthritis or because of certain medical conditions. A certified ATRi (Aquatic Therapy and Rehab) professional will work with you to rehab and learn to use the water as a tool in recovery and continuing wellness. This may require the approval of your medical professional.

Can I request a certain instructor?
Yes, you can! While certain instructors have limited availability, we do our best to accommodate your request. We strive to match students with instructors based on availability, personality, and skills expertise. We make every effort to find the perfect match for every swimmer, but if you would like to change instructors at any point we will do our best to accommodate the change.
I need a flexible schedule, is that OK?
Private lessons give us the freedom to work with you on your schedule to find a time and instructor that fits each swimmer’s needs.
Trainers are available 7 days/week, morning, afternoon and evening.
Children that are involved in our Early Childhood or After-school programs here at the JCC an arrange to be brought to the pool for their lesson during their regular program.
What about children or adults with special needs or considerations?
Yes! This is one of our favorite and most rewarding specialties! We have trained adapted aquatic instructors. Learning to swim is a great equalizer for all children.
What age can my child start taking lessons?
We teach children of all ages and skill levels! We offer private lessons beginning at six months up through the teenage years. Our instructors have taught beginner level swimmers to swim independently as young as the age of 2 and work to develop strokes in children.
Can my kids or my friend and I do semi-private lessons?
We also offer the option of having 2 children or adults swim simultaneously – either each with their own personal instructor or in the form of semi-private lessons. Semi-private lessons are an available options for children or adults who are friends or siblings of similar age and skill levels. In other words, participants can learn with a buddy, but still get the 1:1 attention at a time that works for you. However, this option may not work best for everyone. One on one attention is best for very young children, individuals with fears about the water, or individuals who are not close in age or skill level. Particularly adults who have no experience in the water often face fears and challenges that are very different from one another, and may require different teaching methods to help.
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