Amherst, NY: 716-688-4033
Buffalo, NY:   716-886-3145


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JCC Pool Schedule - Buffalo

Would you like to use the pool for the day but are not a member? Guest passes are available for ages 14 or older: $10.00 Ages 13 and younger: $5.00 Under 1 year old: FREE

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  • The lifeguard is there to ensure your safety and pool enjoyment. Please tell the lifeguard if you do not know how to swim in deep water prior to entering the pool.
  • Swim only when the lifeguard is present.
  • Lifeguard or any JCC staff may ask a person to stop an action that interferes with the safe operation of the pool. Lifeguard or any JCC staff may ask a person that interferes with the safe operation of the pool to leave the facility.
  • We welcome children under 6 years old when accompanied by an adult in the water. Children ages 6-9 years old must have an adult on deck supervising them at all times.
  • For your safety, please refrain from using inflatables. Bubble belts, kickboards, and noodles are available for all swimmers to borrow on the pool deck.
  • Swim diapers are required for children not yet potty trained. These are available for sale at the
  • front desk.
  • No diving into water less than 8 feet deep.
  • No running on the pool deck.
  • No pushing, rough play or putting other people on your shoulders while in the pool.
  • Swimsuits or triathlon wear must be worn in the pool.
  • No cut offs permitted.
  • Please remove band aids before entering the pool.
  • Persons with open soars with open wounds are not permitted in the water.
  • Do not discharge any body fluids into the pool.
  • Please refrain from eating and drinking beverages other than water in the pool area.
  • Glass is not permitted in the pool or on deck. 

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