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Aquatics Group Fitness Schedule - Buffalo

Schedules subject to change without notice due to holidays and/or participation levels.

Over 40 water group fitness classes, featuring the Hydrorider Aqua Spinning bikes, are available and FREE to Full JCC of Greater Buffalo members and do not require additional registration or payment except where noted. Our pool temperature is maintained between 83 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit.

Don’t wait to register! The JCC’s swimming classes fill up fast! 

Exercising in the pool offers a fabulous aerobic, awesome cardio and strength work out experience in a low- or no-impact environment, so it is great on joints. Classes vary in intensity from arthritis range of motion and flexibility classes, to traditional upbeat water aerobics, to calorie-crushing interval classes.

Contact: Eric Poniatowski 716-886-3172 ext. 411



In The Water

AQUACISE: Osteo-Fit, stretching, cardio & resistance training.

AU-SOME SWIMMERS: Au-Some Swimmers was designed to teach critical life skills and provide a gathering place for families to connect and support each other.  The instructors demonstrate skills such as feet first entry, putting face in the water, kicking, and pulling.  The instructors also communicate with children using laminated visual cards that illustrate pool safety and swim skills.

INTRO TO SWIMMING: An introduction to the fundamentals of swimming.  You're never too old to learn to swim, perfect for adults fearful of swimming.
September 12-December 19  (no class 12/28)
Saturdays, 10:00-10:30 am
$140, $98 w/member discount  16378

HYDRORIDER: Aqua spinning.  Low impact and highresistance.  Available for small group classes and personal training.  Registration is required, limited to 6 participants.  FREE Hydrorider Classes: First time participants only.  Please arrive 15 minutes early to set up the bike. 
Hydrorider 45
September 9-December 23  (no class 11/25 & 11/29)
Sundays, 8:15-9:00 am
Mondays, 8:15-9:15 pm
Wednesdays, 6:45-7:30 am
$11 per class, $9 w/member discount per class
(first class is FREE)

SCUBA: Join Dave Johns and his master divers and get PADI certified.  Participate in as many classes as needed to become competent.  For the first two lessons equipment is provided, there after you will need to have your own.  For more information, please call Dave at (716) 648-3483.

SWIM THE ERIE CANAL: Start the New Year by swimming the Erie Canal.  Sample workouts and participant cards are available at the pool.
Ongoing   FREE

STORM SWIM TEAM: Our USA certified swim coaches have a vast range of experience, including a former Olympic Swimmer.  Your son or daughter will learn stroke refinement, race skills, sportsmanship, and team camaraderie.  We are a fully inclusive program.

WATER AEROBICS: Cardio and resistance training for the upper & lower body.  Use water weights and aerobics to tone and burn calories with an ab training.

WATER BABIES: For children 6-36 months and parent(s).  Sing songs, learn water safety, develop buoyancy, and explore underwater!  Develop front & back glides, strokes and jumping in with parent help.

WATER IN MOTION®: A low impact, high-energy challenge for all ages and levels.

WATER MUSCLES: 60 minute intense cardio & toning class.  Water weights and noodles will tone & strengthen muscles.

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* Fee based, limited space, registration required.
Limited to 15 participants.