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Both of Our Gyms Have Pools!

The pool facilities on both campuses of the JCC of Greater Buffalo make it possible to provide a wide range of aquatic programming. Both locations’ indoor pools are open year-round for lap swims and classes. At Amherst, the Grossman Outdoor Pool Complex is open during the summer months. Whether you use the pool for exercise, recreation or to develop new water skills, the aquatics staff can accommodate your needs. Our pool temperatures are maintained between 84-86 degrees.

lap pool Amherst ny

Leo Chapin Family Pool

Indoor Lap Pool at the Benderson Family Building

  • Lap Pool
  • 5 lanes, 25 yards
  • Depth ranges from 3.5-12 feet
  • Balcony for spectators
  • Diving board

Grossman Family Outdoor complex

OutDOOR POOL at the Benderson Family Building

  • 2640 N. Forest Road Amherst, NY 14068
  • 5 lane pool, 25 yard
  • Depth 2.5-5.5 feet
  • 1 toddler pool up to 1-2 feet deep
lap pool buffalo ny

Rick Zakalik Family Pool 

Indoor Lap Pool at the Holland Family Building

  • Indoor Pool
  • 4 lanes, 25 yards
  • Depth ranges from 3-9 feet
  • Bleachers for spectators

Lifeguard Details

The safety of our swimmers is of the utmost importance. Certified lifeguards are alert and on hand to protect our swimmers at all times. When you are at the pool, please follow our Pool Rules and Swimming Etiquette guidelines to keep you, your family and others safe.  Rules are posted on the pool pages on this website as well as the walls and doors at each location.