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Aquatics Fitness Reservations & Descriptions

We are now offering group fitness classes in the water.   Please use the My J app for reservations.  Lap swimming and family swim do not require reservations.  You can browse through the fitness schedules for both locations as well as reserve your spot for the class of your choice. Fee based classes can be found using the buttons on the bottom of the page.

* see requirements below

Class Descriptions


Ai Chi is a water-based total body strengthening and relaxation progression that integrates mental, physical and spiritual energy. It combines Tai-Chi concepts with Shiatsu and Watsu techniques and is performed in shoulder-deep water using a combination of breathing and slow, broad movements of the arms, legs and torso. The Ai Chi progressions moves from simple breathing, to the incorporation of upper-extremity, trunk, lower-extremity and finally total body involvement.

Aqua Cardio Blast

Holland Family Building only
All ages and fitness levels will enjoy this workout! Short intervals of cardio exercise at your own pace mixed with stretching and rest.  


Low intensity workout: flexibility, balance, and light cardiovascular training.


Benderson Family Building only
Walking, stretching, and range of motion exercises for those with joint or other issues.

HYDRORIDER- Beginner & Intermediate

Burn calories in the water with this low impact, high resistance aqua spin bike! Registration required – Spaces Limited (at the Member Services Desk).  This class is now free!

Aqua HIIT- Small Group Interval Training

Benderson Family Building only
Maximize your cardio training. For experienced exercisers. Limited to 15 participants. One-day and two-day options are available. This is a fee-based class, and registration is required.  Click the button to get started!

Aqua THON- Small Group Interval Training

Benderson Family Building only
This aquatic triathlon training course is designed for those looking for a fun, new workout routine.  We take the three major components of a triathlon(swimming, cycling, and running) with the added benefits of aquatics resistance and low-impact. For experienced exercisers. Limited to 8 participants.  This is a fee-based class, and registration is required.

Water Aerobics

Cardio and resistance training for the upper & lower body. Use water weights and aerobics to tone and burn calories with an ab training.

Water in Motion

WATERinMOTION® is a pre-choreographed, quarterly-released group aqua exercise program that refreshes your aerobic experience every 3 months with new choreography and music, land equivalent intensity, fantastic sing-along quality music, and dynamic instructors.