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The JCC Board of Trustees is comprised of members of the JCC who come from a variety of backgrounds. Efforts are made by our Governance Committee to include people with expertise and experience in our various businesses, people with accounting and legal skills and people who are able to contribute and/or cultivate gifts to the JCC. Responsibilities of board members include stewardship of our resources, creativity, professional expertise and a willingness to contribute to the financial and intellectual requirements of the agency.

Members are usually nominated by the Governance Committee and elected by the membership of the agency at its Annual Meeting, following committee or volunteer work, for a one year term. If the fit is right a trustee is invited for a two-year term and can serve as many as seven consecutive years. Our agency has been responsible for the development of dozens of community leaders over the past 60 plus years.


The 2021-2022 board is comprised of the following members and officers:

Alon Kupferman, President
Ronald Benderson, Vice President
Irwin Gelman, Vice President
Jordan Balsom, Treasurer
Rabbi Sara Rich, Secretary

Brett Benderson
Matthew Burwick
Andrew Deyell
Eric Feldstein
Leslie Greenbaum
Peggy Kahn Sullivan
Michael Komm
Luisa Kurek-Lenoble
Rion Kweller
Sheryl Schechter
Douglas St. Cyr
Richard Steinberg
Everett Weiss

Barry Appelbaum
Robert Berghash
Debra Chernoff
Raymond Fink
Lawrence Franco
Susan Freed
Andrew Isenberg
Dr. Leonard Katz
Risé Kulick
Stuart Lerman
Ethel Melzer
Richard Romer
Andrew Shaevel
Bruce Wisbaum