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Executive Team

All phone numbers are (716) 688-4114 followed by the extension below.

Rick Zakalik

Executive Director x304

Patty Simonson

Associate Executive Director x320

Phil Zuccaro

Chief Financial Advisor x311

Pam Marin

Sr. Human Resources Director x344

James Morgan

Sr. Director Facilities Operations x356

Benderson Family Building

All phone numbers are (716) 688-4114 followed by the extension below.

Betsy Abramson

Early Childhood Director x345

Shea Akers

Children’s/Camping Program Director x303



Stacey Block

Accounts Receivable/Customer Service x307

Nate Cox

Aquatics Manager/American Red Cross x368

Michael Garcia

Camp Centerland Director x333

Laurie Greenspan

Marketing Director x336

Debbie Gross

Early Childhood Assistant x305

Jordana Halpern

Development Director &
JRT Managing Director

Julie Kingsley

Aquatics Director x365

Sharon Kostiner

Membership Director x310

Jason Palevsky

Outdoor Center Coordinator x313

Jonathan Palma

Asst. Aquatics Director/Learn to Swim/Storm x370

Patricia Quinn

Cultural Arts Assistant x335

Sam Seiler

General Manager, Health Fitness & Recreation x326

Doris Shearn

Children's/Camping Assistant x346

Charmaine Twarozek

Health, Fitness & Recreation Assistant x316

Ann Vorburger

Group Fitness Manager x367

Karla Wiseman

Adult Services Supervisor x366

Katie Wzontek

Cultural Arts Director x334

Holland Family Building

All phone numbers are (716) 886-3172 followed by the extension below.

Rob Bari

Assistant Membership Director x410

Kathy D'Ostroph

Group Fitness Manager x404

Christine Dusher

Director of Children's Services x420

Lisa Edelman

Early Childhood Assistant x417

Kathy Goodwin

Adult Services Coordinator x470

Mike Innarella

Fitness Center Manager x404

Bob Lajeunesse

General Manager, Health Fitness & Recreation x402

Tim Lane

Aquatics Manager x411

Eric Poniatowski

Aquatics Director x411

Barbara Stone Reden

Early Childhood Director x408

Myers Family Tel Aviv Café

All phone numbers are (716) 688-4114 followed by the extension below.

Annie Krause


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