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Humans of JCC Buffalo


Members and visitors at the JCC are the heart and soul of what makes us a Center of Communities, a special place for everyone.

Add your photo and story today! Photos can be of yourself, or something that defines you, such as your home, your garden, a special piece of jewelry, piece of art, pet, family, etc.  What is your story? What do you want people to know about you? You may send more than one photo and story, but please keep each story to 250 words or less.  

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Leslie and Jason Rothschild have been members at the JCC for six years and have been training together twice a week with Al Lewis. Al always finds a way to mix things up and keep us motivated and interested. We take full advantage of the wonderful childcare services during our sessions and love the community here.




I’m an aspiring nursing student who was born and raised in Buffalo and never plan to leave.


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"In the Fall of 2016 I created a memoir writing class at the JCC. Dr. Howard R. Wolf was our mentor and we had seven people set for 12 sessions, writing their memoirs. The class was called Word Weavers and Howard published an anthology of our collected stories. This year I created another course, called Travel Loggers and we've had eight people. I'm really proud of bringing these people together and the work we've created."



"My mother used to say to me, Orson, don’t forget to comb your eyebrows."




I’ve been a member since moving to Buffalo in 1993. I can’t imagine not having this resource in the city. Great facility, friendly and helpful staff, and convenient to get to. It is great to see regulars here- even if I don’t know them all, they are a major part of my community at the JCC.




I'm trying to get in shape as I get older. I am a physician so I know the value of getting in shape and Mike is wonderful in helping make that happen. I can see improvement already.


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"I have been interested in getting back to writing for a long time. Most of the writing I've done over the years is technically esoteric. I really wanted to write about some of my relatives including a cousin on my mother’s side who was a portrait artist to the New York City athletes in the 20s and 30s. This is something really for myself. I really enjoy doing it – it’s painful but I really enjoyed doing it."



Today I created...



I’m a 77 year old surgeon, still working part time, who is coming to sports relatively late in life. I should have been doing this long ago but didn't have the time. Now I'm making time in my life for exercising, fishing and cycling and enjoying it very much and so rue the fact that I never did it in my youth.



"I’ve recently retired and since then, I have enjoyed coming to the JCC because I’m involved in adult education programs - last year I joined the Word Weavers and have been writing a story about my life. It’s called Love Lost and Found, a Fairy Tale."


"When I retired the JCC filled a big hole in my life and I've met wonderful extremely helpful people."