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Renewing Membership Fees

The JCC offers a membership for anyone—no matter what stage of life you're in, including discounts for students, seniors, families and those serving our country or who served in the military.

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Membership Fees and Information

Renewing Membership Fees as of
March 1, 2014


Monthly - $71.99 Annual - $827.88
Two primary adults living in same household with unmarried children through age 25.

Early Childhood Family*

Monthly -$47.99 Annual -$539.88
*Families with children in our Early Childhood Center are eligible for this special rate.

Young Family

Monthly -$59.99 Annual - $683.88
Two primary adults living in same household. Both adults must be 30 years of age or younger.With or without children.

One Parent and Family

Monthly -$54.99 Annual - $623.88
One primary adult living in same household with unmarried children through age 25.


Monthly -$64.99 Annual -$743.88
Two adults living in same household. No children.


Individual, Ages 19 to 64
Monthly -$44.67 Annual -$500

Full-Time College Student

Monthly -$29.99 Annual - $323.88
(Minimum 12 college credit hours per semester-undergraduates, 9 credit hours per semester-graduate students. Substantiation required)

Youth Ages 14-18

Monthly -$19.99 Annual -$203.88


Individuals 65 years or older. For couples, one spouse or partner must be 65 years or older. Excludes children.


SENIOR ADULT Monthly -$34.99 Annual - $383.88
SENIOR COUPLE Monthly -$51.99 Annual - $587.88


SENIOR OFF-PEAK ADULT Monthly - $29.99 Annual - $323.88
SENIOR OFF-PEAK COUPLE Monthly - $46.99 Annual -$527.88
Access to Indoor Fitness and Aquatic facilities limited to: Mon- Fri 10:30 AM – 3:00 PM
Sat & Sun 2:00 PM – closing
No restrictions on Outdoor Pool

Sustainer Memberships

Sustainer members contribute above the regular dues to help make it possible for individuals and families with special needs or limited incomes to participate in JCC programs. Amount paid over and above regular membership fee is tax deductible.
Patron $ 963
Benefactor $ 1,066
Donor $ 1,324

Military family memberships

JCC of Greater Buffalo is pleased to extend discounts to individuals in the Military and their families. 

* 30% off our annual membership fee plus NO registration fee for current, retired or disabled military personnel. 

We are glad to extend our facilities free of charge to active military personnel who are home for fewer than 3 months.

Caregiver/babysitter usage as part of your membership

Caregivers (including au pairs/babysitters) may accompany a member to the JCC while the member participates in activities. Membership must be current and in good standing. Live-in caregivers may be added to membership and utilize the services on their own for a fee.


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