ATTENTION Holland Family Building:Fitness & Aquatics closed May 19, 20 & 21st. ECC and Kids Place open May 21

Amherst, NY: 716-688-4033
Buffalo, NY:   716-886-3145


Operation 90 Winners

Benderson Family Building

female.jpgTrainer: Jodee Fiorella
Female Winner: Brittney Giuga
Weight Loss: 16%






male.jpgTrainer: Jodee Fiorella
Male Winner: Wayne Scheff
Weight Loss: 17%






group.jpgTrainer: Jodee Fiorella
Winners: Nicole Brown, Wayne Scheff and Judy Redding
Team Weight Loss: 11.6%






Holland Family Building

Holland-winners.jpgTrainer: Al Lewis
Individual Winner: Suzanne Matheson
Weight Loss: 8.2%

Team Winners: Tamara Towles, Suzanne Matheson and Michael Towles
Team Weight Loss: 7.2%