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Early Childhood Center

A place to learn and discover!

Our bright, colorful classrooms are filled with developmentally appropriate toys and equipment carefully chosen to encourage creativity, curiosity and imagination. Cognitive and social skills are taught through interactive learning experiences. All the children love our weekly enrichment classes: dance & creative movement, singing & music activities, and gym. At Getzville there is a Hebrew class. 

The 3 and 4-year-olds also participate in weekly swimming classes which emphasize water safety and beginning skills. Children enjoy playing every day on our fabulous outdoor and indoor playgrounds. By providing an enriched environment while introducing skills and concepts in a play-based curriculum, the children develop the confidence they need to be successful in Kindergarten and beyond.

Additional opportunities for preschool enrichment are offered at both locations. These fee based classes are open to the community. 

Red Cross swim lessons are available at both buildings through our Aquatics Department. Your child can also take piano lessons at the J during the afternoon hours.


At the Benderson Family Building, we offer the following enrichment classes from 1:00-2:00: Let’s Tell a Story; Mysterious Math; Exploring Science; Israel as the Story of the Jewish People, and Leap Into Literacy. Classes are held based on enrollment. The classes are taught by our talented teaching staff and are designed to enhance what skills children already have. Culture Kids offers an introduction to Spanish.

At the Holland Family Building, you have the opportunity to add an introduction to Spanish with Culture Kids, or an introduction to soccer with Soccer Shots.

A place to celebrate!

Children learn about Jewish culture, traditions, and holidays through music, stories, dramatic play, cooking, and art activities. We participate in the Sheva curriculum framework developed by the Jewish Community Association. Sheva is the Hebrew word for seven; the core elements of the curriculum include: Children as Constructivist Learners, Early Childhood Directors as Visionaries, Early Childhood Educators as Professionals, Families as Engaged Partners, Environments as Inspiration for Inquiry, Discover CATCH (taking care of our bodies), and Israel as the Story of the Jewish People. We also celebrate that our children have diverse backgrounds and abilities. We teach about National holidays as well as Jewish holidays. Families are encouraged to share their cultural traditions with the school to help all the children learn about and feel connected to our community.

A place to belong!

Please meet with the Early Childhood Director to insure that your family’s needs are met. All programs at the J welcome and include children with physical, emotional, and educational challenges. By developing partnerships with families, we work toward common goals. Come see us in action! To make an appointment, please call the Director at 716-688-4114 X345 in Getzville, or 716-886-3172 X408 in Buffalo. We’re looking forward to meeting you. 

A place to grow!

Children enrolled in the Early Childhood Center learn through developmentally appropriate activities in a warm, safe, nurturing, educational environment. Loving teachers help each child develop the self-concept of being a life-long learner. All families are welcome! We have two convenient locations: Buffalo and Getzville. Flexible schedules accommodate your individual needs, with a minimum enrollment of twice/week. Combinations of full (7:30 am to 6:00 pm) and half days (7:30 am to 12:30 pm) are available for toddlers and preschool children; full days only for infants.

Our Early Childhood Center at the JCC’s Holland Family Building, located at the corner of Delaware Avenue and Summer Street in Buffalo, has 10 classrooms for children from 6 weeks old through pre-K. This program operates year-round, and has many community partnerships. We are proud to offer UPK through the Buffalo Public Schools and after school care for preschool children who attend other schools in the city. We partner with Aspire of WNY, the Foster Grandparents Association (Catholic Charities), the Olmsted Center for Sight, and several local colleges.

The Tree of Life Playgrounds offer a park-like setting here in the heart of the city. There are 3 outdoor playgrounds, with separate, developmentally appropriate equipment for each age group, allowing the children to spend many happy hours outdoors. Come over and see one of the 5 oldest trees in the city on our playground! On the days the children must stay inside, the Noah’s Ark Indoor Playground, located at the lower level of the building, has no equal in Western NY.

Our Early Childhood Center at the JCC’s Benderson Family Building, located on North Forest Road in Getzville, has 7 classrooms for children from 12 months old through pre-K. This program operates year-round. We are proud to offer UPK through the Williamsville Schools. Community partnerships at this location include Aspire of WNY and Weinberg Campus. The new Friendship Playground offers opportunity for outdoor play and exploration. The adjacent fenced green space is available for outdoor games. Our large campus, in a more rural setting, allows for exploring and learning about nature.

The playground contains separate, developmentally appropriate equipment for toddlers and preschool children. For indoor gross motor play, we have access to the gymnasium and the Mat Room.

Downloadable forms for each location are at:

Benderson Family Building

Holland Family Building

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