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Benderson Family Building - Bunis Family Gallery, Getzville

Camhi 1 Camhi 2


This remarkable series of artwork pays homage to the history, mythology and culture of Japan. Camhi’s father served in General MacArthur’s occupational forces there at the end of World War II and he brought home photos and gifts for family including hand painted porcelain featuring beautiful geishas in colorful kimonos. Camhi grew up hearing tales of her father’s time in Japan and watching documentaries about the war with him.

“As an adult, I discovered a deeper interest in the country after reading novels like Shogun and Memoirs of a Geisha and, more recently, the wonderful biography of Louis Zamperini, Unbroken, by Laura Hillenbrand.  Each book portrayed aspects of a culture I found captivating, sparking an even deeper interest in all things Japanese,” says Camhi. “This series is a tribute to that culture, incorporating everything from geishas to dragons, from sushi to haiku, from samurai to shinobi (ninja).”
Camhi holds a B.A. in English from Marietta College, Marietta, Ohio, and a M.L.S. from UB.  “My first attempts at art were drawing and coloring clothes for my paper dolls when I was little. Over the years, my doodling helped me through many a boring class! Fortunately, I was required to take college courses in art appreciation and that began a genuine interest in fine art. When my daughter decided to major in art, her interest drew me into many a museum and gallery, deepening my appreciation.  I have maintained this passion for art through years of travel that allowed me to see some of the great masterpieces in New York City, Athens, Paris, Rome, London, Madrid, Cairo, Dublin, Tel Aviv, and Jerusalem.  As a retiree, I am finally taking my first art classes and finding a renewed love of art,” says Camhi.

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