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Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you always wanted or needed to know but were not sure where to ask! Call or email us if you have any questions anytime at all. We are here for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the JCC open to hearing member’s ideas?

The JCC welcomes questions and requests from our members. We prefer that requests or complaints be accompanied by proposed solutions. Many programs and changes in policy have resulted from ideas generated by members. Very often new programs or changes in facilities have been funded in full or in part by members who contribute to the cost of such changes. Please share ideas about potential funding with us when you have a good suggestion.

Is everyone welcome at the JCC? I’m not Jewish and don’t want to feel like an outsider.

Absolutely everyone is welcome to be a full member of the JCC. More than 70% of our members are not Jewish. The values and customs of the Jewish people are very much aligned with those of good people of all faiths. We strongly insist that our staff treat all members with respect and dignity, regardless of religion, gender, economic status or sexual orientation. The JCC provides social programming aimed at a diverse population of members including young and old, multiple ethnicities, various types of families and more. Similar respect is expected of all members towards each other and our staff.

You say you are open to all. What if I can’t afford the full membership charges?

Since our inception more than 70 years ago the JCC has provided financial assistance to deserving individuals and families. An anonymous financial aid committee reviews tax documents and other evidence of need and offers assistance to the extent possible. Just ask for an application for assistance at the time you apply for membership.

Is membership valid at both facilities?

Absolutely! Many members who live in the suburbs and work in the city utilize both facilities. In addition, reciprocal use of facilities in available in many other cities. Please check with the membership desk at the city you will be visiting for more information. 

Will I be subjected to constant selling of costly services?

Our staff is not permitted to use badgering or high-pressure sales techniques at any time. They are, however, encouraged to suggest programs, classes or individualized training for members whom they believe could benefit from such services. We maintain a delicate balance which is respectful of member’s space and comfort without neglecting real needs as we serve our members. 

We’re thinking about enrolling our pre-schooler in the JCC’s Early Childhood Education Center and our 2nd grader in your Kid’s Place after-school program. Must we be members?

It isn’t required but we strongly encourage it for a few reasons. First, we discount both membership and rates charged for these programs to participants. Second, the JCC is owned by its members and a family atmosphere is encouraged. We think it’s great when a parent has time for an after or before work workout. Cultural Arts programming , special events, meals at our wonderful Myers Family Tel Aviv Café by Falafel Bar, a swim in our pools and dozens of other programs enrich the experience of families in our youth programs.

Can we bring guests?

They will be welcomed with open arms. Guest passes are available at the Member Services Desks at both buildings. "Class Passes" are another way to introduce friends and family to services that could be beneficial to people you know. We are always looking to grow the family of friends and neighbors who make the JCC a center of communities.

JCC Gift Cards

JCC Gift Cards are available in any denomination and can be used toward membership dues, classes, programs, trips, personal training and more! Easy to buy, easy to give for any occasion, one size fits all! Gift Cards can be purchased at either Member Services location.

Email Updates

The world of the JCC is just one click away!  Save paper and time--please click here to add your email address to receive our weekly e-blast notifications and special announcements.

Kashrut Policy

It is our pleasure to offer delicious kosher foods to purchase at the JCC Cafe. If you would like to have your own food, please bring in only dairy or kosher foods. Thank you.

Code of Conduct

The JCC strives to make our facilities as enjoyable as possible for all our members. As such, we request that all members and visitors conduct themselves in a manner that does not interfere with others enjoying their visit here. Please note that the JCC reserves the right to suspend or revoke the membership of any individual who does not subscribe to generally acceptable standards of behavior.

Smoking Policy

Smoking is prohibited in the buildings and on the grounds of the JCC.  

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